As Maine heads into spring earlier than we have in years that also means that the mud is showing up earlier than it has in years.

It's always a struggle. The ground gets soaked from melting snow, then it freezes, then big ruts appear, then it melts, then it gets really warm, then freezing again, then warm, warm, warm and mud. Lots of it.

People are already struggling to get down their dirt roads and driveways. So, what does one do if they find themselves stuck in the mud?

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Firestone has a hack that any of us can do and could come in handy in a pinch.

The trick is to get traction and that's not happening by spinning your wheels in mud. In fact, that could make your situation worse.

They first recommend getting help from someone with a tow strap or chain. I mean, it is Maine. We all know a guy with a truck, sure, but if they're not available, and you don't want to pay for a tow truck call, what's the next best option?

Using your car mat.

We all have them, right? Firestone suggests that these can be key in getting traction under your tire.

Here's how they break it down:

-Put your car in park.
-Place the tip of the mat under the stuck tire with the rest of the mat in front of the tire.
-Drive slowly forward until you reach solid ground.

Still confused? They have video instructions on their website here.

Do you have a hack for getting out of the mud? Let us know through the app!

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