When Fallout 4 set an expansion pack in Maine, gamers in New England went wild over the concept and design. While Maine has been a popular setting in books, movies and television shows, it hasn't exactly been a hotspot for video games. But a Redditor took to sharing some screenshots of a game they are creating, and it looks absolutely sick.

The game appears to be called Peace Island (after Peaks Island of course) nor is it anywhere near completion but it does have some art and an interesting concept. The premise would be that Peace Island is inhabited by cats and humans. But when the humans disappear, the cats are now left to take over the island in full. The game will be non-violent, but it could still be intriguing in how the cats survive, learn how to work the island and make discoveries in an open world format.

The developer, Eric Blumrich, stated in some of the Reddit post comments that he has been working on this game as a hobby for two years. The hope is, after advancing far enough, to launch a Kickstarter to draw in the remaining funds to finish the game and of course, gauge interest.

What do you think of the screenshots? Would you be interested in playing this game?

By the way, Eric continues to post updates on Twitter using the hashtag PeaceIsland

Good luck Eric!

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