In the last two decades, the price of cable television has skyrocketed across the United States. Part of that price increase is caused by how many channels cable companies provide to a customer and how those channels are distributed. Often times, channels are lumped together, leaving a customer to pay for a series of channels they are completely uninterested in. But if one lawmaker would get his way, things could seriously change here in Maine.


According to WGME, representative Jeffrey Evangelos has brought a bill that failed several years ago back to the forefront. He wants to force cable providers, specifically Spectrum here in Maine, to allow customers to choose only the channels they want and pay the distribution costs. Instead a tiered cable package that costs a consumer $60 per month, the customer could choose Food Network, HGtv, NESN and ESPN and save significant cash.

Evangelos said cable companies should operate like restaurants or grocery stores. He said when you go to a restaurant, they don't force you to order an appetizer, entree and dessert each time you show up, and cable companies should be adding dozens of channels consumers aren't interested in just because.

Back in 2014, Evangelos' bill was heavily fought by cable companies and he expects the same if it gains any traction here in 2019.



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