Let's call it like it is, moving sucks. Nobody likes to pack and load all the things you've accrued over your lifetime and then unpack and unload them again two days later. For some people, the bigger items are especially difficult to move. Couches, dressers and beds can present a challenge for even the most experienced of movers.

That brings us to a terrific photo shared on Twitter by NewsProJoe. Clearly this Maine resident was attempting to make the most of their moving trip by attempting to answer the age old question, "how many mattresses is too many mattresses to put on the top of my car?" 

The answer might be three. As you can see in the photo, it appears the weight of three mattresses may have been shifting a little to the left. And as NewsProJoe astutely commented on his own photo, "seems legit. nice and safe." Yikes.

As far as we know, this daredevil mattress mover made it to their final destination with all three items intact. But if you're planning on testing this theory yourself, perhaps you should pull up a YouTube video or two about how to properly secure them on the top of your car.

Just a suggestion.

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