In case you needed more confirmation that Maine is on the map worldwide when it comes to craft beer, get a load of this case about to erupt. A small operation in Brewer called Mason's Brewing Company is having one of their beer names challenged by AB InBev,  the largest beer company in the world...and it could get ugly.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the battle is over Mason's Brewing Company's most popular beer, an IPA called Hipster Apocalypse. AB InBev is challenging the Apocalypse portion of that beer name, claiming that a smaller west coast brewery that they own, 10 Barrel Brewery, owns the trademark to any IPA with Apocalypse in the name.

Mason's Brewing doesn't plan to back down and will challenge AB InBev in court even if its costs them thousands of dollars. Whether or not they walk away from the battle victorious is an entirely different story.

As craft beer continues to rise in popularity, so have battles between breweries over the naming of breweries, the name of beers and also similar logs and depictions involved with those products. Several Maine breweries have been involved in such cases over the past few years.

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