A man from Maine intentionally crossed over the border into Canada by paddling on an air mattress but was promptly arrested when he made landfall. The man claimed he needed to get into Canada to protect his girlfriend from an abusive ex-boyfriend.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the man, believed to be from Calais, initially attempted to get into Canada like most people do, by using a sanctioned border crossing station. He was denied entry however, due to outstanding warrant on a criminal mischief case in which he was accused of smashing a television. Apparently, that denial wouldn't stop him.

After being turned away, the man went to a local Wal-Mart and purchased an air mattress and a paddle. He then proceeded to cross the St. Croix river, before arriving in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. The paddling trip left the man soaked, and he was arrested in Canada after locals noticed him walking down the street with dripping clothes and no shoes.

The man was given two months in jail for the stunt and will be deported back to the United States after his time served in a Canadian jail. Both US and Canada officials urge residents of both countries to not attempt to cross borders improperly and they will face severe penalties.

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