We've all been there, glued to our couch, wishing that we had a delicious pint of ice cream or a king sized Reese's Peanut Butter Cup as a tasty treat. Then we think about the process of getting into our car, finding the nearest store that is open, making a transaction and then hoping to find that same level of comfort on the couch when we get home. Well, a new service in Portland wants you to forget the process, and use them instead.

According to Portland Food Map, a new delivery service called Snacks To Snacks is officially up and running in Portland. Their website lists their "menu" of different items they'll deliver to your doorstep. Everything from candy bars, to toilet paper, to soup, to Tylenol. Naturally, for this kind of convenience, you can expect a few rules. For the most part. Snacks to Snacks is keeping it simple.

Just live in Portland. Order $20 bucks worth of stuff. And of course, a $5 delivery fee. Seems reasonable to fulfill some late night cravings on a snowy night without ever having to leave your house.

Since it's a startup, their offerings and current hours are somewhat limited. On their website, they promise weekend hours are "coming soon". The day is finally here, you never have to leave your house ever again.

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