Portland's Old Port is home to many unique and interesting bars that are part of the reason tourism in the city has ballooned in recent years. One of the concepts that has gathered the most attention is a speakeasy. According to the Portland Press Herald, there should be another speakeasy option for Portlanders before the start of 2020 if the new owner of Pat's Pizza Old Port gets his way.

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If you're a fan of Pat's in the Old Port right now, not much will change with what you're used to. The restaurant is closed for some minor renovations until September 20th. It's the upstairs, formerly Pat's Pizza event space, that will see a major overhaul into a speakeasy "ultra-lounge".

So what doesn't that entail? Few details were given, but the staircase leading to the speakeasy will be lined with cassette tapes (Google that stuff kids) and the entrance to the secret bar will be an old telephone booth (Google that too!). No other details on what will be served inside the speakeasy were given, but if you take the hints of what the stairwell and entrance will look like, this speakeasy is likely to have a major retro theme.

Lincoln's, Portland's initial speakeasy, held true to all of the elements of a "traditional" speakeasy. It's underground, it's hard to find, it only accepts cash and despite being extremely popular, still wants to remain a secret. When Blythe & Burrows opened a speakeasy years later, it was less of the traditional model Lincoln's used and had more a modern spin on a basement bar. We'll call this new take Portland's first attic speakeasy. The expectation is the new bar will be open on New Year's Even this year.

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