Portland has its fair share of incredible pizza offerings, from thin crust, to brick oven, to gourmet, to the kind of greasy slice that is perfect for a hangover. Despite all the competition, a New York-based pizza company called Coals is taking over the empty space at 114 Preble Street right across the street from Bayside Bowl and bringing their version of "grilled" pizza to Portland.

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According to Portland Food Map, Coals has been deemed "quirky" in New York for their restaurant atmosphere and for their unique menu offerings. All of Coals pizza offerings are vegetarian, however they do offer appetizers such as chicken wings. Coals also have some pretty spectacular dessert pizzas, including a Nutella pizza and a fluffernutter pizza. (say what!?)

Coals foray into Portland will be the first time the pizza operation moves out of New York. They currently operate two facilities in the Bronx and Port Chester.

The building they'll be taking over on Preble Street has seen its fair share of businesses over the years. Once home to the venerable sports bar known as Bleachers, it eventually transitioned into G&R Dimillo's, followed by the short-lived Portland & Rochester. The building hasn't been home to a restaurant since 2014.

Coals doesn't have an official timetable for opening at this time.

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