So as restrictions continue to ease and life begins to reach some normalcy here in Maine again, one thing health experts implore people to do is keep wearing face masks to reduce risk and spread of Covid-19. Not everyone has been abiding by that suggestion, but those who are have done their very best to wear masks or if they have to, get creative with a way to cover their face when in public. So, does this count as being creative?

Via Angie Dubois
Via Angie Dubois

Shared with us by one of our listeners, someone visited the Town Fair Tire location in South Portland this week and this happened. There's a lot of unpack here (and no, that isn't a cardboard box joke) but the biggest reaction from this photo alone is, why are you wearing that over your head while being outside?

Sure, there's a person sitting next to them, but there seems to be plenty of space to physically distance themselves. We could almost understand the box helmet if that person was required to wear a face covering inside the facility and was forced to improvise. But outside? We're not sure if they're mocking the idea of a face covering or just decided, "screw it, this is what I'm wearing all the time now". Either way, that's taking mask wearing to another level.

If you happen to know this individual, please donate a mask or two to them. It's got to be hot wearing a cardboard box on your head all day.

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