If you're asking yourself what the kids are into these days, your first guess probably wouldn't be a dumpster fire party. But thats exactly what took place on the Colby College campus over the weekend and the aftermath has led to arrests and questions about the partying habits of the student body.

According to CentralMaine.com, a bonfire somehow transitioned into a dumpster fire party where students began burning furniture, mattresses and other items. Campus security deemed the situation unsafe when they arrived and called for backup from the Waterville Fire Department as well as the Waterville Police Department.

After officers arrived on the scene, the students temperament escalated as they began to shout and throw items at the police. Those items included beer bottles, and wouldn't you know it at Colby, wine bottles. Firefighters on the scene felt threatened to the point where they sprayed water on some of the student body.

In the aftermath, police have arrested at least two Colby College students and charged them with arson. It's been estimated that the dumpster fire caused nearly $1000 worth of property damage. Police say that more than 200 students were present during the dumpster fire. Additional arrests could come after a further investigation.



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