An iconic upscale fry shack in Portland is getting some serious national praise.

The popular foodie website Tasting Table recently posted an article about the best places in the nation to get one of America's favorite snacks, the golden, salty, oily and delicious French fry.

On this prestigious list of golden goodies is one of Maine's favorite spots for sparkling spuds, Duckfat. The East End restaurant has been serving up their special "Belgian Fry" for nearly 20 years.

What makes it a "Belgian Fry?" It's in the way Duckfat prepares the potato. The spuds are hand-punched and then twice fried in duck fat to perfection. This leaves the fry extra crunchy and extremely succulent. It also always leaves the customer wanting more.

Here is a little of what Tasting Table had to say about Portland's favorite french fry.

The frites here are the signature dish...They're piled into paper cones and served with your choice of dipping sauce, like truffle ketchup, Thai chili mayo, horseradish mayo, and aïoli. To really kick things up a notch, Duckfat also serves poutine, where the frites are strewn with local cheese curds, duck gravy, and chives.

Ah, yes. Duckfat has even taken poutine to a whole new level. This is some of the best you will find south of Quebec. There are no shortcuts taken with these spuds.

Duckfat is joined by one other New England restaurant on the list, and that's the award-winning Puritan Backroom in Manchester, New Hampshire. The two are a wonderful representation of the food scene up here, especially when it comes to golden-friend deliciousness. You can find the entire list of top notch fry joints here. I'm warning you, though. Be prepared to have a craving.

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