Hollywood has long had a fascination with taking random acts of nature and turning them into a frightening proposition. Maine's own Stephen King has even adopted the idea that the simple and harmless can be transformed into the most dark and threatening. But Hollywood movies and fiction books are all make-believe. What is happening in Blue Hill, Maine right now....well, that's reality.

Check out some of the frightening images shared on Facebook by Blue Hill resident Margaret Perkins Tufts, and then pretend you're not searching your own car or home for a little creepy crawler. According to WMTW, the surge in caterpillars has been so significant in just the past few days, travel warnings have been sent to residents because the caterpillars are leaving roads in Blue Hill extra slippery. Not only that, the squished caterpillars leave behind an odor, one that residents have been forced to endure for days now.

Mainers are no stranger to caterpillars. But it's the amount of caterpillars concentrated in one town in Maine that has left people a little aghast. The primary culprit is the forest tent caterpillar, whom are in their feeding season until the last week of June. Unfortunately for Blue Hill residents, their real-life horror movie with caterpillars as the star may continue until then.


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