As summer arrives in Maine with a brutal and blistering heat wave, it's good to remember that it hasn't always been this way. In fact, when you dig through some of the historical weather records for Maine, when it comes to the month of June, you'll find that Vacationland is typically very mild.

According to Extreme Weather Watch, the average high temperature in Maine for June last year was under 70 degrees at 69.1. 2023 was only the second time in the last 15 years where Maine averaged under 70 degrees in June.

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But historical data shows us that heat in June has never really been a given. The coldest June in Maine's history happened in 1958. That year, there were only four days for the entire month that eclipsed 70 degrees. The average high temperature was 66.3 statewide, and the average low was a chilly 43.6 degrees.

Many towns and cities in Maine are expected to shatter record highs this week. But looking at record lows for June will make your head spin. The coldest day for June in Maine history was recorded in the small town of Van Buren on June 10 of 1986. Van Buren registered a temperature of just 22 degrees.

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There's a more recent pair of below-freezing low temperatures recorded for June in Maine. Gardiner reported a low of 31 degrees in 2018, and Houlton reported a frigid low of 26 degrees in 2020.

So whether the air conditioning is blasting today or you're taking a dip in a lake or swimming pool, just remember that it isn't always this way in June. Sometimes, Maine makes you turn the heat on instead.


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