Typically, my motto is "if it ain't broke don't fix it!" ESPECIALLY with something that is pretty perfect the way it is. Ice cream has been delivering joy to people's bellies and hearts one scoop at a time since the 1800's. You can remake every Disney movie known to man but when it comes to ice cream JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. That's what the old me would have said. That was until I discovered the latest trend in ice cream consumption and I must say, I am here for it.

Behold, the Donut Cone Ice Cream now available at Comfort Baking Company in Exteter, New Hampshire:

Michael Oliveira via Facebook/Canva
Michael Oliveira via Facebook/Canva

When I saw this I was like, "Why haven't ice cream cones ALWAYS been made of a donut?!" It's brilliant! Simply brilliant! I haven't tried one yet but there is no way this treat won't be a 10 out of 10, homerun experience.

According to Chef Michael Oliveira who posted about it on the Seacoast Eats Facebook group, this confection is Chocolate ganache inside the cone itself, cinnamon sugar cone donut cone and filled with ice cream! Not only is the Donut Ice Cream Cone said to more delicious than your run-of-the mill ice cream cone, it is more more aesthetically pleasing (aka Instagram worthy).

Here are what the people are saying:

Aimee Lucas Rideout:
"Is this available for breakfast? Asking for a friend…."


Ginny Bridle-Russell:
"I thought your cinnamon rolls were to die for, now this"


Kristal Anderson

"How many points is that on weight watchers?"

0, because the best things in life are free! Feel free to come to me for all the hot new dieting tips! ;)

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