For as long back as many people in Raymond, Maine can remember, the Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing shop along Route 302 has been ruffling feathers with its politically driven, polarizing and often repugnant signs aimed at inspiring reaction whether it be good or bad.  Whether you cheered or jeered the signs that Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing shared with the driving public, you won't see them any longer. The shop has closed for good and has taken their sign with them.

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Shared on Facebook by Katie Darling, a post in late-May stated that Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing was closing permanently after 32 years in business. Darling thanked their loyal customers and stated the shop owners enjoyed their time in Maine.

Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing found itself in hot water multiple times during their lengthy run. According to the Portland Press Herald, in 2006, the shop sign featured what some Raymond town officials felt was a veiled threat. "Mainers suggest for every person tax'd out of their home, their town manager loses an appendage" At the time, the shop was able to explain away their sign as a conversation starter but as years wore on, Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing signs began to get darker.

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In 2016, the shop went viral by igniting a Twitter trend over a sign posted during the height of the 2016 Presidential Election cycle. "Beware the beast. Hildabeast Clinton and its vagenda of manocide" is what the sign read. As the sign was shared on social media, "Vagenda of Manocide" became a Twitter trend for its sheer absurdity.

With the gunsmithing gone, the space is being refitted to be an outdoor shop with a focus on hunting, fishing and other nature activities.

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