Brooke needed the perfect home. It took four long years, but she finally has found her forever home.

The Harvest Hills Animal Shelter in Fryeburg knew it wouldn't be easy for Brooke to find her forever home. She is a special case. She has deep-seeded trust issues that have made finding the perfect home challenging.

That's where Jackie comes into the picture. She actually applied for another dog, but then heard how long Brooke had been with the shelter. She decided she wanted to help Brooke find a home she loved and deserved. Harvest Hills has been very protective of Brooke, knowing she needs a special home. Jackie's patience and devotion to Brooke was inspiring.

Harvest Hills Animal Shelter Facebook
Harvest Hills Animal Shelter Facebook

For two months, Jackie went above and beyond to building a relationship with Brooke. Two times a week, she drove 3 hours to let Brooke begin to trust at her own pace. Even though Jackie couldn’t touch her for the first few weeks, she wasn’t deterred! She was diligent and consistent, until eventually Brooke would lay in the parking lot in front of her vehicle when it was time for her to leave. That was Brooke’s stubborn way of letting us know she had made her decision and was ready to start her new life.

Brookie was a huge part of Harvest Hills, and won't soon be forgotten. They are so grateful when an animal finds their person. But it's on those days that people at Harvest Hills take turns ugly crying in the laundry room! Congratulations Brooke - here's to a long and happy life with your new momma.



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