In a step that may horrify any non-millienial out there, Amazon is looking to patent technology that would allow customers to forego credit cards numbers and lengthy check out processes and instead "pay by selfie".

According to CNBC, the genesis of the idea to allow customers an easier (and safer) way to check out. Many customers forget passwords, or have weak ones, allowing them to easily be stolen and compromise their accounts. Pay by selfie would allow a quicker and more concise way of keeping their account secure.

While the idea of "pay by selfie" sounds simple, it won't be as cut and dry as a simple face shot. The Amazon check-out would prompt the user to blink, or tilt their head right or left or even smile for in a certain way. This would authenticate their identity and not allow for people to fraudulently claim they are somebody they are not.

While Amazon is looking to patent this technology, MasterCard will undoubtedly be putting up a fight. In October of last year, the company unveiled a very similar technology to allow customers to pay quicker and with enhanced safety.

If Amazon does get this patent, what other companies would you like to see use the "pay by selfie" technology?

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