Target shoppers throughout Maine may want to ready themselves for some added perks at stores throughout the state. Those perks will come at a cost, however.

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According to the FW, Target has reportedly made it to the advanced stage of launching a paid membership option similar to the one found at its largest competitor, Walmart.

Walmart currently offers plus memberships that offer perks like same-day grocery delivery, discounts on shipping and products online, as well as a handful of other extras, all for a monthly fee.

Walmart Launches Walmart Plus Delivery Service
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Walmart Plus was seen as direct competition for Amazon Prime. Amazon's Prime service was the original game in town, offering steep discounts on a variety of products alongside free delivery on almost everything. Over the past several years, Amazon Prime's discounts have become less, and the delivery fees more extensive. Amazon has also raised the price of Prime.

Perhaps those factors have led Target to see an opening in the market. Currently, Target offers their 'inner circle' program, which affords shoppers cash back on select items. Target's new proposed paid membership would have substantially more perks to entice shoppers to join the program.

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According to Reuters, the project doesn't have an official name nor any official pricing details. In fact, Target hasn't confirmed they'll be launching any paid membership at all. But inside industry sources believe Target will make a formal announcement with the program name and pricing before the end of 2024.

Target currently operates six stores in Maine, with locations in Bangor, Augusta, Topsham, South Portland, and Biddeford, as well as their newest location in Auburn.


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