Police are on the search for a person who broken into an elderly woman's home in Windsor, Maine while she was at work and stole her life savings from her safe. According to WGME, nearly $100,000 of cash and valuables were stolen during the robbery.

The woman returned home from work on Friday to find the door to her home wide open. The woman cautiously searched her home for an intruder but when she approached her safe, she realized she had been robbed. She contacted police and the investigation is ongoing.

The woman's family made a plea to whomever committed the robbery, to please return the cash and valuables as the elderly woman has already been through too much recently. The woman lost her longtime husband, her dog and has been battling medical problems as well. She was set to retire in the spring from her job, but instead will have to continue working to pay bills.

If you have any information, please contact the Maine State Police immediately.

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