It's really the weirdest thing because it came out of nowhere.

It's also really weird because for someone who "nobody has ever heard of," Matt Rife easily sold out two shows at the Merrill Auditorium for Thursday, April 18, 2024.

Who is Matt Rife?

If someone you actually never have heard of him, Matt Rife is a comedian that has made a massive splash on social media. He's known for three things really: 1) Being hilarious, 2) Pushing the comedy envelope that could probably get a normal person canceled, and 3) Being hot.

Like, so hot that following his sold-out Boston show a couple of months ago, some New England women in attendance mentioned how he's the perfect man and they have dreams of marrying him.

(WARNING: The following video contains NSFW language and subject matter.)

Matt Rife at Merrill Auditorium

Last Monday, June 5, the crew at Merrill Auditorium announced that they're bringing Matt Rife to Portland for a stop on his ProbleMATTic World Tour on Thursday, April 18, 2024. Tickets went on sale this past Friday, June 9, and sold out right away.

And we're not talking about one sold-out show. Because a second show was added for Thursday, April 18, and both the 7p and 10p shows sold out instantly.

Not bad for a guy that "nobody has ever heard of."

(WARNING: The following video contains NSFW language and subject matter.)

The interesting thing, though, is that for somebody that "nobody has ever heard of," ever since his shows at the Merrill were announced, one of the most talked about topics on social media in Northern New England has actually been Matt Rife.

So, what exactly is it? If somebody that "nobody has ever heard of" can instantly -- and I mean instantly -- sell out TWO shows on the same night, what is it?

Is it jealousy from other dudes that just don't like him because so many women find him insanely attractive? Is it women being upset that they can't date him because he's on the road or thinking they don't have a shot with him?

Getty Images / mattrife via Instagram
Getty Images / mattrife via Instagram

Both of those questions are admittedly a little absurd, but for a comedian who has made a name for himself on social media and has over 4.4 million followers on Instagram -- he's pretty well-known.

Maybe we'll find out during his sold-out 7p and 10p shows on Thursday, April 18 at the Merrill, considering how interactive he is with the crowd.

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