I've never understood why people blame meteorologists for the weather. They don't control it, they just predict it. Imagine trying to predict what's going to happen at noon five days from now. You'd suck at it. These fine men and women are pretty damn good at it.

Nevertheless, people still want to blame someone so they turn their attention to the messenger. Take Keith Carson of WCSH 6 for example.

Keith recently posted an email to his Facebook page that he received from an angry viewer after he apologized to the skiers for the mild weather, but said that it would pass. Someone decided they wanted to take the time to pound out an email to Keith and blame him and every other meteorologist for the mild weather.

Of course I'm sure this was done anonymously because people are very brave when they can hide behind a computer, but really? What is wrong with people? Personalities in the media get hurtful complaints all the time. Trust me, we get our fair share here as well. But this guy is just an awful human being.

Here's what I suggest. National Weatherperson's Day is coming up on February 5th. If you see one, give them a hug. They're very huggable, and deserve our thanks, even when they predict 3 inches of snow and we get 12.

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