As portions of Maine spend another day in the dark, it's fair to say nobody wants to hear about another Nor'easter or even another storm that could bring heavy wind gusts our way again. So if you just don't want to hear it, now is the time to look away because...

Keith Carson of NewsCenterMaine took to Twitter and hinted that the long range forecast calls for Maine to be in the line of yet another storm for next week that could bring wind gusts above 50mph to Vacationland for a second consecutive week. While it's absolutely too early to lock it in as a definite, everyone in Maine will want to keep an eye on what another storm could bring and the potential damage a second high gusts wind storm could do.

In fact, some of the hardest places hit along the coastline from this week's Nor'easter could be the same places that the next storm would target. The map above shows potential wind gusts above 60mps for portions of southern and midcoast Maine.

No need to panic yet, but keep an eye on this for the middle of next week. You may want to have those generators ready...again.

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