Actor High Jackman, best known for his portrayal at Wolverine in the X-Men series of films, is apparently visiting Maine this week after being spotted leaving the Bangor International Airport.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Jackman was spotted by a few fans on Monday morning as he arrived with his family for (presumably) a vacation in Maine. One of those fans snapped a photo of Jackman in his rental car and posted it to Instagram before removing the photo yesterday evening. Fan sites that follow Jackman on social picked up the photo and reposted it.

That's about all we know...or anyone knows about Hugh Jackman's visit to Maine. But if you scroll through social media posts about him, you'll find that Jackman is a pretty avid outdoorsman and fishing enthusiast.

Our guess? A nice week-long trip to Bar Harbor filled with good beer, good blueberries, good food and a few outdoor excursions. Enjoy, Mr. Jackman, and welcome to Vacationland!


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