Global warming be damned! People coming in and out of Portland via commercial street have undoubtedly noticed the gigantic snow pile that has been sitting oceanside for the last 5-6 months. People have also probably thought, "this will melt when the weather gets warmer". But as April comes to a close and the pile still looms large, the question becomes....will it really ever melt?

The answer is yes but it's still going to be awhile. Check out the photos of the blog post we did in early-March proclaiming how insanely large the snow pile had gotten. Is there really a noticeable difference? We've had one day in the mid-80's and a couple others in the 70's. But still, the snow pile is standing strong. It's literally the Rocky of snow piles at this point.

And according to the Forecaster, nobody has really complained about it. Not commuters, not boaters, not tourists. People see it and think, "that is one huge snow pile" and keep on their merry way. The Forecaster went as far as to ask some experts when the snow pile would melt, and they suggested it will take until Memorial Day. How's that for a tourist attraction?

Oh, and the city of Portland plans on using the same spot next year.