We love nature here in Maine until, well, nature attacks? That's nearly what happened to a man named Moninda Marube, as he was on a jog through the woods in Auburn near his house on Hotel Road. And according to the Sun-Journal, Marube feels like he's lucky to be alive.

Marube is a professional runner who takes his training very seriously. On the day he encountered the black bears, he was in the midst of an 18-mile jog at the crack of dawn. Unfortunately for Marube, he stumbled upon a pair of black bears drinking from Lake Auburn. When the bears spotted Marube, the chase was on.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife suggest that when you encounter black bears that you should stand your ground, seem larger than you actually are, and yell directly at the bear. Marube was aware of those suggestions, but his brain decided that running would be the better option.

And run he did. Marube ran towards a house nearby as fast as he could, being chased by both black years who were closing ground on him quickly. Marube managed to break into the screen porch of a nearby house, a screen porch he says the bears could have easily gotten into. But luckily for the Auburn man, the bears decided they had better things to do.

And with that, Marube was alive, intact and able to share his amazing new life experience with the world. As for us? We think we're probably just going to stay inside.

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