There's been a firestorm of activity on Facebook in the last 24 hours around the Augusta area after an enraged father shared a post that he had found pictures of his teenage daughter and himself taken at the local Target. Those photos were taken undercover by a registered sex offender in the area, one titled "cute girl and her meathead dad".

That post on Facebook quickly circulated, being shared nearly 2,000 times. The post also garnered hundreds of comments, with many people tagging the Augusta Police Department, asking a similar question, "when are you going to do something about this?". Some of the commenters researched the individual in question and uncovered hundreds of photos of young girls and adult women on his Flickr account.

The Augusta PD officially put out a statement on Facebook this afternoon saying they have looked into the complaints, but unfortunately their hands are tied because no laws have been broken. Here's their official statement.

We are not using the name of the individual in question within this blog post because he has not been charged with a crime by the police as it pertains to this specific matter.


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