You kind of back into having a child with a challenge. You get the diagnosis, then there's lots of time spent just collecting resources to help your kiddo. If you're lucky, you get what you need.That's how it has been for parents and kids on the forefront of a huge rise in cases of Autism.  According to Autism Speaks, this neurological disorder has increases from from 1 in 10,000 children 10- to 15 years ago to 1 in 86 children now. Staggering. But the difference today are the options for help that can help children and parents navigate this disorder.

WMTW TV recently reported on an effort to offer better, quicker help to kids in grades K-12. Maine Health has opened The Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders in South Portland; with diagnostic, educational and other treatment services available in one location. CADD is in the same spot as the former Child Development Services Reach School on Gannett Drive. Here's the link to CADD's site, so the help can begin.

We'd really enjoy hearing from you:

Is there a child with Autism in your family? How has the process of finding help been going?

Would such a central location for services be helpful to you?

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