There are things you can get over when out on the town, and there's some things that just bring the whole party down. And apparently, if you believe a Maine Craigslist posting from a few years ago, awful farts really put a damper on a girls night out a brewery in Portland's Old Port.


The ad has since been deleted, but read like this:

"This was about a year ago, but I only just thought to post this. You were a group of 3 or 4 girls, sitting near the pool table in a booth. We were a group of 3 men, one of whom had a very leaky assh*le after eating a lot of BBQ earlier in the night. As we shot pool and my friend proceeded to sh*t himself repeatedly in your general area, you all sat there disgusted, gasping for clean air. You eventually left before I could apologize and ask if I could steal the farting guys card and buy you all drinks with it. Let me make it up to you."


РнеболÑÑой комнаÑе ÐилÑÑÑднÑй ÑÑол.

Let's take a deep breath and figure this whole scenario out. First off, wild idea to think that a year later, three or four random ladies would remember the time that a group of dudes fart-blasted them out of their booth in the Old Port. It's even more wild to go out of your way to explain the genesis of the awful farts that said girls were ingesting that memorable night.

At the same time, bravo for taking the heat (a year later) and at least attempting to make it good by offering up a round of drinks on the bank account of someone who should probably steer clear from ever eating BBQ again.


Most people reading this can relate to being blown out of a bar in Portland's Old Port by awful farts. If only everyone could get a round of drinks out of it a year later.


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