Axl Rose is having an auction! - sort of... His ex-wife is getting rid of some really private stuff - their wedding videos, lyrics, police reports and way more... Plus, check out this early video of G N' R on fire in NY, 1988!

Hi, it's Trent, Guns & Roses were the hottest band in the world at one time - I'm a big fan - a lot of bands on CYY are big fans too. This 1988 video at the Ritz captures them just as the fuse is about to go off on their explosive career. Live at the Ritz, My Michelle!

Plus, If you want a piece of  G N' R history, Axl's ex - Erin Everly - is selling family videos, original lyrics, private letters, pictures, clothes and more. Check out the story at - Axl Rose Auction!




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