B.GOOD started out in Boston, Massachusetts in 2003 and over the years has grown to over 75 locations reaching as far as Europe.

B.GOOD operates with local franchise owners. Bill Zolper owns both the Exchange Street in Portland location as well as the Gorham Road in South Portland Location according to Local Portland News.

As far as the menu goes, B.GOOD is proud of their use of quality ingredients that you can feel good about. They offer a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

Zolpher has decided to make a big change with the Exchange Street location.

86 Burgers and Sandwiches

86-ing something is common language in the restaurant industry. Usually used when the restaurant runs out of say, prime rib, the kitchen manager will yell, "86 prime" and the rest of the staff will know it's no longer available to offer to guests.

In this case, Zolpher is taking his restaurant in a new direction-tacos! B.GOOD is no more but on June 22nd Lupita's Taqueria will be open to guests.

But never fear B.GOOD lovers, the South Portland location will not be changing.

Taco City

Lupita's Taqueria will be joining other downtown taco favorites like Taco Escobarr, Amigo's, El Rayo Taqueria, Tic Taco, Restaurante El Corazon, Dos Naciones, Tu Casa, Flores, Tacos La Poblanita, and more!

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