Here's the thing. We've all got those habits we wish we could break, but at the end of the day, we just accept that they're a part of us. I'm just going to give you some insight into how my Maine brain ticks so you understand me better.

I like to get to know people's flaws before the things they do that are perfect. I think it's more fun that way to create a judgment-free zone.

And I'm sure there are many of you Mainers out there (and people from away) that do some of these things as well.

OK, here we go:

1. I can't drive anywhere, and I truly mean anywhere, without my brain auto-piloting to getting a drive-through coffee. I actually keep cash in my center console for emergency coffee money (fiscally terrible, I know).

2. I brush my teeth in the shower. It's giving off college-era vibes, but is also extremely time-condensing when you're in a rush to get ready to go out for work or hitting up the Old Port on the weekend.

3. I CONSTANTLY keep my phone on loud. I have a super weird fear that I'm either going to sleep through my alarm in the morning, or miss an important call. Either way, it's annoying for everyone.

4. I talk to my dog in the voice I gave him as a puppy in public. I can't help it. You may have even heard me do it when I'm taking him for walks, like at the Presumpscott River Preserve in Portland. I'm actively working on realizing who's in front of me before I do it, but so far, it's not working.

5. I laugh during serious meetings or very deep conversations. If I had to deep dive into where that response came from, I'd say it was probably from not getting enough attention as a kid (I'm only kidding, my mom's crazy and actually loves me TOO MUCH). Can that be considered mommy issues, too, on the opposite side of the spectrum?

Do you have any of these bad habits? What are some of yours?

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