It's always nice seeing bald eagles tackling new things. As the symbol of freedom and independence in our country, it's a stoic reminder that if we can put our minds to something, we can make it happen... But have you guys seen anything like this before?

The video below shows a bald eagle swimming (yes, SWIMMING) in the Kennebec river in Richmond back in 2014. It was uploaded by RoadTrip NewEngland, a channel featuring everything from nature shots to santa bar crawl footage.

However, this may not be as far out of the ordinary as we think. According to WideOpenSpaces, eagle experts say that it's common for eagles to misjudge how deep certain streams are, and to swim to shore if they have to go deeper than expected for a fish. So for anyone out there who sees an eagle in a lake, pond or stream, feat not! If you're like me, and enjoy having both of your eyes, it's best not to try and help, as well.

Talk about survival experts! What do you think? Have you seen an eagle swim before? Let us know in the comments!

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