Swim Naked In Maine?
When mother nature turns up the heat during the summer, it's a natural reaction for people to look for places to cool off. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend with a swimming pool, but here in Maine, we are lucky enough to have swimming holes available to the public to turn down the h…
A Complete Guide Of Maine State Parks
Memorial Day is one week away and Maine has 36 state parks and 1 national park for us to enjoy this summer. If you are like me, you tend to go to the same state parks year after year. Here's a handy guide of the state parks in Maine. Maybe this year you can explore a new state park.
Fins Up This Summer!
People keep telling me to chill out worrying about sharks. I don't worry about them for me... I worry about them for all of you! They're getting closer every day! Check out this for understanding please and thank you.