In another Facebook post for the ages, the Bangor Police Department drop a truth bomb on foolhardy men falling for a ridiculous new scam online. 

It isn't a stretch to believe that spending significant time on Facebook is a daily rite of passage for most people here in Maine. Unfortunately, not everyone who uses the internet, and Facebook, are as careful or responsible as they should be. That brings us to the latest, and perhaps weirdest, Facebook scam yet, the webcam scam.

Men across the country, and right here in Maine, have been getting random Facebook friend requests from attractive females from overseas countries. This fake profiles are  typically filled with a few attractive photos and a few generic status updates. After the friendship request is accepted, that's when the real "fun" begins.

The fake Facebook profile will send you a message asking if you'd be willing to webcam with them. Most of the time, the demands from your new friend will include something racy. Once you foolishly do it on camera, the scam kicks in. Your new friend will demand real-life money in order to keep private that ridiculously video you just took part in. If you don't pay up, the video goes straight to your Facebook friends. Yikes.

The Bangor Police Department's post online is both informational and realistic in a hilarious way. Don't be the next victim of this insanely silly form of online blackmail because after your Facebook friends and family see you dancing around naked holding a teddy bear, sucking your thumb...there's not a whole lot the Police can do for you.