Yes. The Portnoy in Maine pizza saga continues. I'm not sure it will ever stop if he keeps holding these review videos in the vault just to release them when we've all calmed down from his visit.

He's been to a number of places to review pizza, including Monte's, OTTO, Flatbread and Slab.

This one place he recently reviewed, particularly, had me in a little frenzy.

I've lived in Maine for almost eight years now, and I've never ONCE heard of this place that he so casually found and threw a nice 7.7 score.

It's called Belleville in Portland, Maine. Watch this, the pizza looks beautiful.

"It's so fresh it's like growing daisy's out of your ears", is personally, a favorite line of mine from Barstool's Dave Portnoy in his review.

How many of you also had zero idea this glorious pizza place existed? I feel like it's some kind of magical shop that only pops up whenever it wants to. There's no other explanation here.

Oh. I just noticed the proper name is BLVL.

This is not an ad, nor do I know anybody that works here or owns it. Disclaimer to what I'm about to say. Naturally, I went to their Instagram to check out what their pizza really looks like, and I'm crying. In a good way, look:

I'd probably run, not walk to go try this place.

Apparently, they have two locations, one being at 1 North Street up on Munjoy Hill in Portland and the second location at 767 Forest Ave, Woodfords Corner. Dave went to the one at 1 North Street.

Have you been to BLVL before for pizza?

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