Yeah. Yeah, we're scratching our heads too. But hey, you get the right person for the job and who knows, it could be another silly classic! 


Mill Creek Entertainment


I think I can remember watching this even in the 80's thinking, wow this is kinda silly, but it's kinda cool too. Some average Joe gets to be a superhero of sorts. In a Inspector Gadget/Clouseau kind of way. Stumbling on clues and tripping over the answers. Then of course you... had... his buddy....his partner in this whole cockamamee situation... Mr. Robert Culp as the smart ass Bill....Maxwell... who talked....just like.... how I'm writing this.... which really and honestly... just drove people up the wall....i'm tellin you. Also, if we could get another dentist office theme song out of the deal, I'm on board!!!!

But hey times have changed and we've seen a Superhero movie explosion over many years so this could world. The Greatest American Hero could be the new big thing!

.... or could it have been somebody else???