The commercials have started, the first snow has fallen, and even some radio stations have already started playing Christmas music. 'Tis the season of sparkly lights, family feuds, endless comfort food, and decorating!

I love to decorate my home for the holiday's as I listen to Bing Crosby and watch my son, Bentley unpack his holiday choo choo train. The most important part is the tree! Santa is expecting to put the gifts somewhere, right?

Every year, my family and I would pile in the mini van and cut down our own tree. My dad would bring his saw and we'd all lend a helping hand. If you are anything like me and National Lampoon, you love this tradition of visiting a farm and picking out and cutting down your family holiday tree.

I did some research and uncovered so many Maine Christmas Tree Farms that I was not previously aware of. Do you want to know what all of these Central Maine tree farms have in common? Family. They are so family based and they all make it very evident that family is their main focus.

Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get to it.

Here are some spots that you can plan to head to this year to make your memories for 2022 of bringing home this years Christmas Tree.

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