There are many things that New Englanders take immense pride in. From their independent thoughts, to their clever ingenuity, to remaining neighborly when it's so easy not to be.

Another hallmark of New England is a strong appreciation for a job well done. And according to a new study done by, a pair of New England states are among the very best in the nation at rewarding workers for service that goes above and beyond.

Paying The Bill
loading... utilized information from Toast, a platform that processes payments for restaurants from coast to coast. From that data, was able to determine the best stations in the country when it comes to tipping.

New Hampshire ranked 7th in the entire nation for tipping, with customers averaging a 20.6% tip at restaurants and venues where tipping is customary. Maine didn't rank far behind, rolling in at #11, with customers averaging a tip of 20.3%.

Tip jar at food cart in New York City

The results of this study shouldn't come as a huge surprise to residents of both states. Maine and New Hampshire residents are notorious for being quality tippers, even as the average income in the states suggests they shouldn't be.

So what is the worst tipping state? The study left California looking ugly. California ranked dead last, with an average tip rate of 17.5%. That's more than 4% behind the best tipping state in the nation, Delaware, that averages a 21.8% tip.

Guest check with cash in cafe

For Mainers, perhaps this is a little bit of sweet redemption. A recent survey of tourists resulted in Maine being named one of the least-friendly states to tourists in the entire country. Maybe not the friendliest to tourists, but definitely friendly to people working hard in the service industry.

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