As the summer rolls in, locals and tourists pour into Maine's only food truck park in Wells, Congdon's After Dark. It's been a smashing success for years now, introducing many customers to new vendors and giving those who are indecisive about food a chance to nibble on many options. With the food truck trend in Maine continuing to grow, it makes sense that there would be another food truck park at some point and it appears Biddeford may be the home of it.

According to the Portland Press Herald, a proposal has been made to turn 64 Alfred Street in Biddeford into City Side Food Court. The park would bring as many as seven food trucks together at once, with the lot also being fitted with outdoor seating, bathrooms and a beer garden on-site. The lot at 64 Alfred Street has been vacant for 15 years after a fire that occurred in 2006.

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Google Maps

If the project is approved and moves forward, it would serve a multi-purpose use for the city. During the warmer months, it would attract more people to the burgeoning food and beer scene in Biddeford, which has piggybacked off of Portland's success and grown substantially in recent years. During the winter months, the Alfred Street lot would transform into a winter wonderland, where local artists could sell their wares, Christmas trees could be purchased and warming beer garden could be available.

There are hurdles to clear before the food truck park is approved. If those hurdles are cleared, work on the park could begin quickly.

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