You haven't been to a carnival until you've been to a biker carnival that helps the community.


The Biker Carnival is hosted by the V-Twin Cruisers Motorcycle Club. This is the club that puts on Bikers for Boobies every year to help Cans for a Cure. Thanks to everyone (you too Ralphy) who helped this year's Bikers for Boobies raised over 6500 dollars for those fighting breast cancer.

These are great men and women that raise money for the community to help those that need an extra hand. And they know how to have fun.

V-Twin Cruisers Facebook
V-Twin Cruisers Facebook

This isn't the first event this club has thrown, so they are damn good at it. The PB&ME food truck is always there making some tasty food. You're gonna work up an appetite with biker games and the cornhole tournament is back!

You may notice that the poster says Dunk Tank. No. There is no dunk tank on October 10th (this Sunday). They held another carnival back in August, and it was hot! But there will be prizes, raffles, and door prizes. These guys work really hard to make it worth everyone's time and money to come and bond with a community of great humans.

If you have a preconceived notion of what a 'motorcycle club' is, the V-Twin Cruisers will change your mind.

V-Twin Cruisers MC family is a non-traditional Motorcycle Club. Non-territorial, non-confrontational, no drama, no prospects and not a 1% club.

Make plans to grab your bike, or get on the back of your buddy's bike and have the time of your life!

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