Is anyone following the Bill Cosby timeline of events on the allegations against him? I'll be honest, I'm a bit behind but I also feel like there hasn't been a lot of news on the subject. The only things I hear from time to time is that another woman stepped up with allegations against him. There have been thirty-something now, I believe?

He appeared Nightline Friday night to talk about the importance of education on behalf of the Black Belt Community Foundation. He had to have known that the accusations were going to be coming up at some point at some point in the interview (as seen above), and they did. His response left us with little if any info on whether he's guilty or not.

My take is that although I am not a lawyer and realize there is a certain protocol that generally needs to be followed, why can't he just say he didn't do it? Or maybe he is guilty and that's why he hasn't denied it?

Secondly, why is it every time this story comes up, it's another woman coming forward with allegations but nothing seems to be being done? Maybe there's more going on that I'm not aware of. The whole thing just seems bizarre to me. Thoughts? Let me know on our Facebook page.





Cosby gave the interview while visiting Alabama to speak at two high schools to preach the importance of education on behalf of the Black Belt Community Foundation. He also joined a large crowd of students for a march across Selma’s iconic Edmund Pettus Bridge.

But when it came to time to talk about the allegations that have largely derailed his decades-long career, he rarely came close to coherence.

“I am prepared to tell this young person the truth about life,” he told Davis when asked about a hypothetical young person who might ask him about the accusations.

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