Even if you’ve never been to Binga's Windham, you’ve at least heard about their outrageously hilarious signs.

Right out front of the restaurant facing a four-way intersection is a letterboard sign that changes all the time and you never know what to expect.

They push boundaries, they make our jaws drop, and they make us laugh.

Images flood our social media pages with people sharing the quote of the week and they usually get a lot of shares as Mainers crack up at the newest witty signage.

In case you’ve missed out on any of these iconic quotes, you can keep scrolling to see a gallery of examples from the past.

But, for right now, I'm here to talk about their most recent sign.

Binga's Windham Sign Has Meaningful Quote

I’m sure when they put this most recent sign up, it wasn’t meant to be meaningful but it’s actually something I live by.

I drove by the restaurant yesterday and smiled at what I saw.

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Be brave enough to suck at something new.

This right here changed my life a few years ago. I had so many interests and things I wanted to try and do but I was too scared to put myself out there or try new things.

What if I wasn’t good enough? What if I embarrassed myself? And when I did try something new and sucked at it, I didn’t try again.

I guess one day I just realized that life is too short. I realized I was depriving myself of joy and meaningful experiences just because I wasn’t badass at something right away.

So, I decided to be a yes-man, to try new things, and to just do it all. Who cares if I’m not good at something, I am going to do it anyway.

Ever since that grand epiphany, I have traveled internationally alone, became a skier, tried to surf, started painting, did a triathlon, dabbled in radio, went mountain biking, picked up weightlifting, bought a Nikon camera, took a pole dancing class, joined a bowling league, and a whole lot of other stuff.

My life has completely changed for the better once I started doing things for the act of doing them, not to be good at them.

Sometimes I try something and I kill it, and other times I totally flop. But every single time, I am genuinely happy to be putting myself out there and trying something new.

So, take advice from Binga's Windham and follow their wise, wise words: Be brave enough to suck at something new. It will seriously change your life.

Since I’m sure they didn’t mean it as seriously as I'm taking it, here are some examples of the hysterical signs they’ve had in the past because you deserve a laugh.

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