If you've ventured out in Windham, Portland or Yarmouth for a huge sporting event on television, chances are you've spent some time at one of the Binga's locations that exists in those cities. Binga's has become well-known for their sports bar atmosphere and their delicious jumbo wings with a variety of special sauces. Binga's is ready to expand to a 4th Maine location, but this one will come with a unique twist.

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According to Saco Bay News, Binga's in set to open a new location in Old Orchard Beach where Myst Restaurant currently resides. Binga's will open this winter and remain open through the Old Orchard Beach "offseason" when so many other places close. But there's going to be a little twist to this particular Binga's location. It'll only operate during the "offseason". During Old Orchard Beach's peak tourism season, the restaurant will revert back to Myst, serving the upscale seafood dishes and cocktails visitors have become accustomed to over the years. When the peak season wraps up around Labor Day, Myst will once again transform into Binga's for the fall/winter/spring.

With ongoing restriction on gatherings, Binga's Old Orchard Beach will operate as a takeout restaurant primarily until the pandemic subsides. But their signature wings and sauces (along with fried pickles) are perfect takeout food for any occasion. Binga's Old Orchard Beach expects to open in January.

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