Bingas Windham has been featured dozens of times for their unique way of connecting with their fans via funny quips on their sign in front of their restaurant. It's ranged from life advice to the most obvious of observations but their latest sign strolls down a different path. This time around, Bingas Windham decided that a juvenile joke about former World Wrestling Entertainment star The Rock will make for a good sign...and THEY WERE RIGHT.

Reddit via rugged-ric
Reddit via rugged-ric

Shared on Reddit by rugged-ric, the sign reads like a classic joke that you'd find a mail-order joke book from the 80's or 90's but we'd be lying if we said it didn't make us laugh. The wrestling community on Reddit has started to pick this up too and they're all-in.

The hypothetical question for us is whether or not The Rock himself would enjoy this sign. Something tells us he may glance at it for a moment with his sunglasses pulled down, return his sunglasses into place and then let Bingas Windham know that he plans to shine their sign up real nice, turn it sideways and then...well, if you're a fan of The Rock, you know the rest.


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