There's no mistaking that Bissell Brothers remains one of the most popular craft breweries in all of Maine. Their move from Industrial Way to Thompson's Point paved the way for them to brew more beer and create a destination taproom for locals and visitors. But as breweries across Maine look for new and intriguing ways to expand their brand, many are turning to a familiar idea, food. And it appears Bissell Brothers is ready to take the jump into the restaurant business.

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Shared on Facebook, Bissell Brothers announced Bissell Brothers Kitchen, a forthcoming venture that will be adjacent to their existing taproom at Thompson's Point. The project is still in the early stages, and Bissell Brothers are currently searching for the perfect Executive Chef to lead their vision.

So why now? Why not should be the question. As more promising vaccine-related news continues to come out each and every day, a summer of normality seems like a distinct possibility in 2021. If that ends up being the case, people from Maine and across the country will have a lot of pent up social energy to get out and there's no better way to do that than over a few pints with friends. With a new kitchen, and likely food that pairs well with many of their beer offerings, Bissell Brothers at Thompson's Point could become an even more popular destination than it already is.

Bissell Brothers hasn't announced an opening date for their kitchen as of this being published.

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