One of the most popular new craft breweries in Portland, Maine has officially announced that their new brewery located at Thompson's Point will be opening to the public on June 4th at noon.

Bissell Brothers decided to move their operations from their 1 Industrial Way space in Portland, to a much larger space at the newly renovated Thompson's Point. For months now, Bissell has been updating fans on their progress. Finally, the new brewery is ready and judging by the positive reaction on Twitter, people are excited.

Substance, a deliciously addictive IPA style beer propelled Bissell Brothers to become one of Maine's most popular small craft breweries. Demand for Substance became so strong, so quickly, that Bissell Brothers decided to enhance their operations to keep up with that demand. Their new tasting room will include other offerings as well.

Their new location is at 4 Thompson's Point located off Congress St. in Portland right along the oceanfront. Good luck Bissell!!

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