Let's face it, life for many of us feels like it's on hold right now. With businesses across Maine taking precautions due to the coronavirus, some of our favorite things in life seem to be out of our reach for the time being. But then again, maybe they're not completely out of our reach.

Bissell Brothers brewing, one of Portland's most popular breweries, took to Twitter to announce that they would deliver some of their delicious beer to your doorstep during these trying times. Of course, there's a few requirements that go along with this door-to-door delivery service that include anyone ordering beer be 21 or older and also residing in Portland or South Portland. You also must order a minimum of four total four-packs of beer to receive delivery. Still, in a time of social distancing and self-quarantining, having some great local beer on hand can help ease the pain.

So who's out there delivering this to your door? Who else but Peter Jensen Bissell himself, in a van he lovingly describes as the "green bastard". Bissell Brothers plan to continue operating their beer delivery service for a limited time. Prices and beer options for delivery can be found here. 

Cheers to getting through this together, one beer at a time.

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