We are talking a BIG BURGER; over 12 pounds of food that's actually a bunch of burgers piled on top of each other between two buns.

I truly don't blame Boston's BJ Novak for commenting 'No' underneath this post from OnlyinBos on Instagram.  Of course he meant it in a joking, fun way, and wasn't actually asked to do it.  Still, I'm sure the restaurant would love it if BJ or any of our favorite area celebrities participated in the challenge and attempted to eat this wickedly insane burger.

OnlyinBos via Instagram
OnlyinBos via Instagram

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's delish. But like any challenge, this require one person to eat the entire thing by themselves, and yes, there's a time limit.

It's happening at Eagle's Deli, located in the Boston neighborhood of Brighton.  So here's what this burger entails, according to OnlyinBos:

Six pounds of beef.  SIX POUNDS.  I can't even right now.  I mean, don't most of us only eat around a quarter pound of beef when we're filling our tummy with our favorite burger?  There are 24 slices of cheese on this bad boy, as well as 24 strips of bacon.  WHOA.  Oh, and don't forget the five pounds of French fries. Now here's the funniest part if you're not already laughing and shaking your head at this challenge.  There's just one deli pickle to go along with this entire burger and fries bonanza. LOL.

If you want to attempt this biggest burger challenge at Eagle's Deli, it will cost you $69.99 and you have one hour to clean your plate.  I hear they'll bring you extra buns if you need them.  Phew, well maybe.

The prize?

They'll refund your meal plus give you a t-shirt, naming rights for the burger, a $100 Eagle's Deli gift card, and your photo on their wall of fame.

Even if BJ said no, thousands have tried, according to Eagle's Deli, and no one has finished.

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