What happened to all the yellow? Why is this seat so comfy?

When fans walk in for the home opener of the Boston Bruins this season, things will look quite a bit different, and likely will feel more comfortable.

According to Boston.com, Delaware North continues to make progress on the $100 million expansion that was first announced last November.

First on the docket is new seating, and GONE are the army of yellow seats which have been in the building originally known as the Fleet Center. They've been replaced with black ergonomic chairs that feature thicker cushioning.

TD Garden president Amy Latimer told Boston.com “I hope people walk in here and think there’s no way this building is 24 years old.”

She also noted more fans will be able to see sold-out games this year, as the seat reconfiguration has increased capacity by 500.

Fans can also check out "the Rafters." It's a membership-based “communal party deck,” providing a space where fans can watch the game while seemingly over the ice/court. This will open in November. Plus, a new bar call the "Back Row Bar, featuring 57 stools, and made of old parquet and dashboards.

Latimier told Boston.com “I feel like we’re almost a brand new building,”

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